City Water Inlet Adapter Kit (RV’s/Boats)


A conversion kit for converting an existing RV screw-on water inlet system to a quick connect system without having to replace your existing inlet valve. It provides all the benefits of the RV quick-connect valve allowing you to quickly connect your RV to a city water supply without having to screw on and off attachments. It, also, allows you to disconnect and reconnect to the water inlet without turning off the water if using a female coupler with a stop valve. It comes with a quick connect cap that provides a secure seal preventing leaks and bacteria from interring your water supply. US 9,933,098 B2



The City water inlet adapter kit Converts your RV water inlet to a quick connect system.  The easy-to-use water inlet system allows you to attach a garden hose with one Simple quick and disconnect and attach a spray nozzle and then reconnect back to your RV without turning off the water or screwing on and off attachments.  The seal-proof cap seals the valve securely using a sealing ring that is protected from abrasion preventing bacteria from interring the water inlet which can compromise your drinking water. It is a quick-connect cap that protects the valve and provides a decorative appeal to your RV and securely seals the valve shut. This is the only system with a quick connect inlet that makes connecting and disconnecting to your plumbing system or water holding tank simple.


Adaptor valve: The stainless-steel adaptor valve screws into your existing water inlet converting it to a male end quick connect inlet.  It has a seal-proof quick connect cap.  The male-end quick connect fitting connects to a female quick connect hose coupler or cap.  The back of the 1” diameter adaptor fitting are male-end garden hose threads spanning .35” for connecting to your water supply. The front has a male-end quick connect fitting that connects to a female quick connect hose coupler or cap. It weighs approximately 1.2 oz

Cap: 1/8” diameter Female quick connect cap 1” long with an internal opening 6/8”.


valve   5.60 oz

Cap    2.20 oz