City Water Inlet and Female Coupler (RV’s)


The only patented water inlet system on the market that allows you to quickly connect your RV to a city water without having to screw on and off attachments and allows you to disconnect and reconnect to the water inlet without turning off the water. It comes with a quick connect cap that provides a secure seal preventing leaks and bacteria from interring your water supply. US 9,010,354 B2



The easiest RV water inlet to use is the Easy Flow city water inlet system. It allows you to attach a garden hose to your RV with one Simple quick action.  Then, you can simply disconnect and attach a spray nozzle to spray down your car or fill a water container, and then reconnect back to your RV without turning off the water.
This stainless-steel female garden hose coupler is used for attaching a garden hose to a male end of the quick connect inlet. It has an internal stop valve allowing you to disconnect and reconnect with the water turned on. It comes with an internal, filtering screen.


valve: Electro-polished stainless-steel valve that mates with a seal-proof quick connect cap. The valve inlet is a male-end quick connect fitting that connects to a female quick connect hose coupler or cap. The back of the 3” diameter flange has ½ “female NPT threads spanning 1” for connecting to a male end trailer water supply inlet. The vale, also, comes with a 1/2 “nipple for connecting to a female RV water inlet connector.
Female Coupler: 1/8” diameter Female quick connect fitting 1” long with an internal opening 5/8”.

Weight 2.30 oz.