Female Coupler


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This stainless-steel garden hose coupler is used for attaching a garden hose to a male end quick connect fitting. It has an internal stop valve allowing you to disconnect and reconnect with the water on. It comes with an internal, filtering screen.



The garden hose coupler is threaded on one end for connecting a standard garden hose and its ‘other end quick connects to a male end coupling. The coupler keeps you from having to screw a hose on off for a water connection, and it provides a more reliable seal then screw on attachments. It is a standard size and can be interchanged with most garden quick connect male end applications. The coupler is made from stainless steel to resist the harsh elements of salt water and has an internal stop valve that keeps you from having to turn off and on the water while making a connection. The internal filter screen filters the water flowing through it.


1/8” diameter Female quick connect fitting 1” long with an internal opening 5/8”.

Weight 2.30 oz.