Garden Hose Quick Connect with a Male End


 Featuring a stainless steel garden hose quick connect with a male end.  these are high-quality quick-connect couplers that are made from high-grade stainless steel.  Manufactured with precision for smooth performance throughout the life of the parts.  The female coupler is a standard size as well as the male counterpart which makes them interchangeable with most other brands.  


Stainless Steel Garden Hose Quick Connect with a Male End.  They fit all standard hoses and water inlets. they do not leak, and they provide a solid swivel connection between your hose and a sprayer. The two pieces connect by pulling back the collar on the female coupler, inserting the nipple, and releasing the collar. It is an easy process. They are precision machined with an industrial design built to last.  They are much better than those cheaper plastic, brass, and many other consumer connectors.  They come with a water stop valve that automatically shuts off the flow of water when disconnected or without a stop valve for free-flowing water.  quick connect parts make your job so much easier not to have to screw on and off parts or deal with leaking hose ends.