Wye Tee


The only patented water inlet system on the market using a tee that allows you to flush your boat’s circulation system from one convenient location without having to access the engine, use shut off valves, or screw on and off attachments. US 9,010,355, B1



The Easy- Flow Flushing system uses a specially designed Wye Tee that directs the flow of water to the pump first, allowing for the maximum flow rate through the water pump while allowing the excess to vent back down and out the out-drive vents. It is made from a highly durable marine grade plastic to assure a long life and secure passageway for water flow. It has a 5/8” barbed inlet leg for attaching the incoming hose from the valve to the tee with 5/8”, 1”, and 1¼” barbed ends sized to accommodate different size water hoses on the engine.


Length of the run is 5” inlet 5/8”

Weight  Approx. 1 0z

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5/8”, 1”, 1 ¼”