Boat Flushing Adaptor Kit

The Easy flow flushing kit is the newest innovation for boat engine flushing.

The Easiest to use flushing method in the market

Requires no flushing muffs, attachments, or accessing the engine

No Problems worrying about inadequate water flow to the engine

Flushing inlet placed at a Convenient location of your choice

Award Winning quick connect cap for sealing the water inlet

#1 in Corrosion Resistance:  Electro Polished 316L Stainless Steel 

The technology of the easy flow flushing system keeps you from having to use flushing muffs to flush your boat’s circulation system.  The system was hydraulically engineered to safely flush your engine and outdrive from a conveniently placed quick-connect valve without having to worry about the muffs slipping, screwing on and off fittings, or accessing the engine to deal with shut-off valves.
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