Keep Your Marine Motor Engine Healthy: Use a Marine Motor Engine Flushing System regularly

marine motor engine flushing, prevents expensive repairs to your boat. Here is a simple explanation of the importance of engine flushing and how it protects your engine.

When we talk about marine motor engine flushing, one question comes to mind. What happens when you don’t flush a boat motor properly? Obviously, it doesn’t matter what type of boat you own. All boat engines suffer from damage if not flushed properly.

You can see the internal damage of a motor that has not been flushed out regularly. Excessive neglect, especially in sea going boats, causes irreversible damage to the engine.  You are often unaware of the damage until the engine overheats or even worse stops running. Let’s examine why this happens and how it can be avoided by understanding the cooling process of a boat engine.

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Why do you need to keep your engine cool?

A boat motor must run at a certain temperature of around 140 to 160 degrees to have optimum performance.  This is achieved by way of water flowing through and around the block of the engine. The cooling water is pumped in from the out drive inlets then circulates through water passageways transferring the heat from the engine into the water and out the exhaust.  Let’s understand it in a different way. Those water pathways are like veins and arteries in the human body that can be blocked by salt corrosions or debris similar to plaque in the human body.

Now, let’s understand the results of incorrect or lack of flushing…

What we see if you don’t flush your motor is salt and debris build up inside the water pathways. You will over time get a build-up of corrosion and pits in the structure of the water flow passageways and causing leaks and obstructing water flow usually in the exhaust manifolds or the risers.

What Issue Does This Corrosion Cause?

In fact, the danger of corrosion often goes unnoticed until it is to late! Similar to a heart attack there is a blockage in the water flow creating overheat (like high blood pressure) causing engine stress and damage. Sometimes the buildup inside the water flow channels is so bad that it can completely block water flow ultimately resulting in engine failure which at sea can be devastating. Warning signs are gasket leaks, engine over heat, and poor water flow out of the out drive while flushing.

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Regular flushing Can Save the life of your boat engine!

Choose the most efficient marine motor engine flushing System. The quick connect flushing system for boat motors offered by Easy-Flow Flushing could extend the life span of your boat engine and save you thousands of dollars in boat repairs. Its precision manufacturing and leak proof quick connect cap, with electro polished 316L stainless steel is the best in saltwater resistance. If your tired of dealing with an unsecure seal at flushing muffs,  having to access your engine, or screwing on and off fittings then go with the maximum flush with minimum effort of the easy flow flushing system.

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