Old School “Flushing Muffs”

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New innovations in engine flushing

   It’s true, most boaters flush their boat engine on land, using Old School “Flushing Muffs”. In short, freshwater enters the flushing muffs at the out-drive intake vents to the pump then flushes through the cooling system. Unfortunately, most flushing muffs don’t make a perfect seal or can slip off the out-drive causing air to enter the intake vents. This makes you worry about the muffs in the flushing process. For instance, You worry about damaging the pump’s rubber impeller when running without water for thirty seconds.   Pluss, Adding to this stress is the fact that it only takes seconds for the impeller to heat up without water. In conclusion, the impeller blades should not heat up regularly because it can shorten the impeller pumps life span. So, it is crucial, when flushing with muffs that there’s a good seal at the water inlet.

Easy Flow Flushing System

The only patented flushing system that does not require “old school flushing muffs”, screwing on and off fittings, extensive engine adaptations, or engine access is the Easy Flow flushing System.  In addition, this easy to use flushing system has a reliable, secure seal at the quick connect water inlet. Subsequently, this gives you peace of mind not having to worry about the muffs. Moreover, Because of the design, this boat flushing system does not need a shut-off valve. Subsequently, there is no need to access the engine. Also, it’s not necessary to screw on and off hoses or flushing equipment or screwing on a cap. Everything is quick to connect making it simple and efficient. Made from 316L stainless steel and electropolished, this is a quality manufactured product that was built to last in marine conditions. The Easy Flow flushing system and products are seen at easyflowflushing@aol.com

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